‘Guarded’ budget debated and approved


Matt Mertes / Sun Star

Present: Cordero Reid, Johnathan Quiñones, Sabrina Martin, Ryan Cain, Zachary White, Diane Murph, Ivik Henry, Joseph Degraft-Amanfu

Absent: Benjamin Anderson-Agimuk, Brandon Blum

ASUAF debated specifics of the budget for the ‘Guarded’ art show this week. Last week the ‘Guarded’ show had an initial budget of $2,484.50. This show is a collection of photos showcasing defensive weapons used by students to protect themselves against violence on Iowa campuses. The show was put together by Taylor Yocum and KT Hawbaker.

The proposed budget was changed to $1,704 after it went to the public relations committee for review. Senator Ryan Cain said that the original amount included an advertisement allowance, this was cut to allow for an increase in the per diem allotted.

“We would rather them have a good experience here, and spend a few more dollars, then them go back to their university and complain about how UAF treated them poorly,” Cain said.

Senator Cordero Reid, who has been concerned about the senate’s spending habits, proposed an amendment to the bill. Reid’s proposed change would reduce the amount given to the show to $1,528. The reduction was in the amount of per diem given to Yocum and Hawbaker from $45 a day to $27. Reid’s plan proposed that the budget could be lowered by working with food services. The artists would be given a discount, as an incentive to eat on campus. Reid also believed this would make the artists more accessible to students.

“If they eat at the dining hall, they will have ‘all you care to eat’ options for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Reid said. “This would increase their exposure to students while here.”

Senator Joseph Degraft-Amanfu did not agree with Reid’s proposed change. Degraft-Amanfu believes that it would be unfair to lower the per diem and force the artists to eat exclusively at the dining hall.

“If they don’t want to eat on campus, it’s their decision to make,” Degraft-Amanfu said. “Giving them $27 for meals off campus is nothing, because of the prices off campus, and we can’t force them to eat on campus.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to students who paid the fee and don’t know exactly what we are doing with their money,” Reid said.

Degraft-Amanfu understood where Reid was coming from and agreed that the senate should try and curb its spending to be more transparent. In this case though, Degraft-Amanfu believed this expense was justified, because the artists can not be expected to eat all their meals at the dining hall.

“If the students want to know what we are doing with their money, they should come up and ask,” Degraft-Amanfu said. “We would be willing to explain to them what we are doing with their money.”

The amendment did not pass, keeping the original budget of $1,704 for the ‘Guarded’ artists. After the vote to amend the bill failed, the bill passed with a vote of six to zero with one abstention.


Two new senate appointees were presented to ASUAF today. Rose Bright and Jacob Sears are the students that have put their names in the running to fill vacant seats on the senate.

Rose Bright is an alumni of UAF and already has obtained a Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology. She is returning to UAF to get a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. When she was 13 she moved to Rural Alaska with her mother. While there she helped to implement many after school programs including tutoring and reading nights for children as well as to bring back a student government to the school she attended.

Jacob Sears is a fourth year Political Science major. He spends his time outside of class with Pi Sigma Alpha. He has attended UAF throughout his college career. He hopes that by participating in ASUAF he can give back in some way to the student body.

ASUAF decided to cancel next week’s meeting, which would have been held on Valentine’s Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:06 p.m.

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