Students get their game on in intramurals

Sarah Bressler / Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 18, 2011

A player winds up to throw during an intramural game of dodgeball. The Flying Monkeys vs. Purple Cobras. Oct. 12, 2011. Fred Monrean Jr/Sun Star

Between forming lifelong friendships with team members and having the time of one’s life on the court, field, or rink, to many athletes, some of the best memories of high school were made during a sport. But participating in a sport doesn’t have to end with high school graduation. Opportunities in intramural sports make everything from broomball to quidditch available to UAF students.

All students, staff and their spouses are eligible to participate in intramural sports, in which teams within UAF compete against each other.  Although the sports are conducted under professional rules, all skill levels are invited, as the main goal within the intramural sport community is to have fun, according to William Edwards, the intramural sports supervisor.

“Mostly people are here to have fun, to exercise, and compete,”  Edwards said. “The best part of intramurals is that it combines fun with socializing. It’s a great way to meet other students and people within the UAF community.”

James Tinione, a freshman from Soldotna, Alaska, recently got involved in broomball, one of the popular intramural sports on campus.

“Being on an intramural team is really great, I have met some new people, and got to know my teammates very well,” Tinione said. “Also, being in a sport gives me a chance to take a break from homework and get some of my pent-up energy out.”

Although Tinione didn’t have much experience coming into broomball (many people do not), the same is not true for Jean Yves, an international student from Cameroon, Africa, who takes soccer very seriously.

Yves came to UAF in the fall of 2007 and has been playing intramural soccer with his team, Star International, for the past two years. On the team of 12 players, seven different countries are represented.  The team communicates in only English, as they do not share a common native language, only a love for soccer.

“In Cameroon, soccer is like religion. They have fun playing soccer, but it is a different kind of fun that is enjoyed in our culture. In Cameroon, if I want to hear a joke, I will stay home.” Yves said. From broomball to soccer, beginners to competitive players, UAF has dozens of intramural sports and teams to choose from.

The spectator-friendly games are usually held in the evening or at night in order to avoid time conflicts with classes. Depending on the sport, games and practices are held in the SRC, the Patty Ice Center, and Beluga Field. There are four different seasons, each one lasting seven weeks. Many sports, like broomball and soccer, are offered in more than one season in order to accompany the needs and availability of the athletes.

The easiest way to register a team, or become a free agent and get picked up by teams who need another player, is to go to, and register.


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