ASUAF Minutes – Oct. 23, 2011

Jeremia Schrock/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 25, 2011

Senators in attendance
Jesse Cervin, Will Collingwood, Christian Burns-Shafer, Timothy Grediagin, Andy Chamberlain, Michael Golub, Arthur Martin, Robert Kinnard III, Chelsea Holt, Blake Burley and Sophia Grzeskowiak-Amezquita.

Senators absent
Jennifer Chambers and John Netardus

Officers in attendance
Mari Freitag (ASUAF president)
Dillon Ball (ASUAF vice president)
Josh Banks (government relations director)

New senator named
Blake Burley was named to the ASUAF senate. The senate now has 12 members.

Elections board members named
Chelsea Holt and Courtney Enright were appointed to the elections board. Dillon Ball chairs the board, which oversees ASUAF elections.

Power play bill
“SB 177-015: Sponsoring Power Play Event at the Museum of the North” would give $500 to the UA Museum of the North to help cover the costs of the museum’s Oct. 20 student-only event. The event cost approximately $1,000. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

Quidditch Club bill
“SB 177-016: Recognizing Quidditch Club’s Participation” would give $200 to the Quidditch Club as thanks for their involvement at the ASUAF Party Rock Dance and to encourage their continued participation at campus events. The bill was sent to the student affairs committee.

Club Council to be abolished?
“SB 177-017: Club Council Ad-Hoc Committee” would abolish the club council and create a committee instead. It would be composed of club members who would allot money to clubs based on applications submitted to the committee.  The hope is to streamline the funding process, president Mari Freitag said. The bill was sent to the internal affairs committee.

Club Council attendance bill
“SB 177-018: Club Council Attendance” will allow club council to consider funding applications from clubs who were not officially recognized at the council’s first meeting. The bill was passed by consent. A bill is passed by consent when no one objects to its passing.

Mo’ money, mo’ funding
“SB 177-011A: Budget Redistribution” will allocate $12,500 from ASUAF’s staff budget to various funds within the student government. These funds include $1,000 to each of the senate’s five committees and $500 to each committee’s chair. Each committee chair has a discretionary fund. The staff budget is smaller this year since ASUAF hired a new office manager at a lower salary than had been budgeted. The bill passed by a vote of 9-0-1, with the abstention coming from Jesse Cervin.

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