Jan. 31 ‘Nook on the Street

On Jan. 21 members of the Fairbanks community gathered for the Women’s March, a worldwide demonstration in support of human rights. This week we asked students, what are your thoughts on the march?

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“I loved it, I thought it was an amazing experience and it was very cool that in such a divided world at this point we can still find common ground to come together over. I think it’s definitely something that needs to be discussed more, but my big thing was that I was really excited to see there were a lot of other ‘nasty women’ out there who wanted to show their support for other women especially for people who are outside the U.S. I thought that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I want to see more movements as big as that on big issues that we have in the U.S.” -Jessica Adler, nursing, sophomore

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“I really like how the women’s march brings together a common goal of fighting to be heard and it really brings together the community and I like that because we are stronger as a community especially when we fight for what we believe in. To see the diverse amount of people fighting for the common rights that we should all have was really special because it shows how we are able to come together even through our differences and that’s a really powerful message that should be shared.” -Lilly Bee, nursing, sophomore

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“I’m still not exactly sure what they were marching for, but I know that a lot of people were talking about women’s rights and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. I guess personally I didn’t join in because I felt like, yeah, it’s a great standing for something but I don’t if I agree necessarily with what they were standing for. Personally I don’t think I have a lot of less rights than men do. I understand why some people do, but I think that it was a great show of power for women.” -Lyndyn Hurley, elementary education, junior

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“I support it. I think that they have reasons to march and I think its good they are doing it. I wasn’t involved in it necessarily, but I do agree with what they were marching for.” -Paul Trowbridge, mechanical engineering, sophomore

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“I can’t really say too much about it myself because I didn’t really inform myself on the specifics of the march, but just from the basic information I would say that I am in support of it.” -Mitchell Hedrick, electrical engineering, sophomore

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“I definitely support the people who were doing it. I wasn’t able to do that kind of thing, partly because I have homework unfortunately, but yeah I absolutely support it. I don’t see why people wouldn’t and it’s kind of upsetting that people don’t.” -Zachary Milbradt, mechanical engineering, senior

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