Last Minute Guide to Fairbanks Elections


Today is election day, both nationally and on a state level. Here’s an overview of the candidates up for election.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running as the Democratic candidate along with her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Clinton’s platform emphasized support of LGBTQ rights, developing jobs and infrastructure in the United States, addressing student debt, tax reform to ease pressure on the working class and the reform of our current immigration system. She recently discussed her pro-choice views on abortion and the need to address gun violence.

Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, are the Republican nominees. Trump has remained firm on his pledge to increase regulation of immigration and border security. Trump supports an aggressive approach to ISIS and other conflicts in the middle east. Among other initiatives, Trump vowed to dismantle and replace the healthcare system enacted by President Obama.

The Libertarian party candidate is Gary Johnson, with running mate Bill Weld. Johnson supports tax reform to assist the middle class and deregulation of the economy. Johnson supports decreased military spending and foreign intervention, and believes government should not be involved in decisions like marriage equality or abortion.

Running for the Green party, Jill Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka place focus on reversing climate change effects and halting America’s focus on non-renewable energy. Their platform includes building a nationwide electric grid to pool and store power gathered from renewable energy resources.

Reform party candidate Rocky “Roque” De La Fuente focuses on issues such as foreign policy, natural resources and renewable energy, the education system and military spending. De La Fuente would like to reform government spending to focus on issues within the United States as opposed to foreign intervention.

For the Constitution Party, Darrell Castle and running mate Scott Bradley would like to withdraw from the United Nations, end the federal reserve, protect property rights and outlaw abortion.

U.S. Senate

Six candidates are running for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Breck Craig (I) supports reducing the cost of living, increased law enforcement funding, addressing the state’s domestic violence and sexual assault epidemic and wishes to increase the military presence in state.

Ted Gianoutsos (I) wants to open oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, maintain the permanent fund dividend and reform veteran support.

Ray Metcalfe (D) supports ending collusion between politicians and corporations, renewable energy and providing tuition free college education nationwide.

Joe Miller (L) supports the deregulation of Alaska’s economy, strong national defense and military, the second amendment, free market economy and religious freedom.

Lisa Murkowski (R) supports the second amendment, government backing for Alaska’s native tribes, increased military presence in Alaska and wants to support the state’s education system and affordable health care.

Margaret Stock (I) supports diversifying Alaska’s economy away from natural resource extraction, protecting Alaska’s fisheries, focused military spending and addressing climate change.

U.S. House

Six candidates are running for Alaska’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives; Zachary Kile (I), Steve Lindbeck (D), Jim McDermott (L), Bernie Souphanavong (NA), Stephen Wright (R), Don Young (R).

State Senate, seat B

Senator John Coghill (R), Former Fairbanks Mayor Luke Hopkins (D)

State House

Section 01: Scott Kawasaki (D), John Rathbun (R)

Section 02: Truno Holdaway (D), Steve Thompson (R)

Section 03: Jeanne Olson (NA), Christina Sinclaire (D), Tammie Wilson (R)

Section 04: David Guttenberg (D)

Section 05: Aaron Lojewski (R), Adam Wool (D)

Ballot Measures

Ballot measure 1: would automatically register Alaskans to vote upon application for their permanent fund dividend.

Ballot measure 2: would allow the state to issue bonds for post-secondary student loans.

Information on voting districts is available on the state of Alaska website.

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