ASUAF Recap – March 30, 2014

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter

March 30, 2014

Senators present
Kemper Chabotte, Eli Barry-Garland, Jordyn Houlton, Shane Poindexter, Cordero Reid, Ashley Strauch, Daniel Strigle, Sarah Walker, Lida Zakurdaew and Mickey Zakurdaew

Senators absent
Matthew Carrick and Brix Hahn

Officers present
Michael Mancill

Courtney Enright, Celie Hull, Megan Lasselle and Daniel Mancill

Confirmation of appointments
Megan LaSalle received an appointment to the senate from the president. The appointment was moved to the Internal Affairs Committee for consideration.

Board of Regents activities
Enright said the next board of regents meeting will be in Kodiak. Enright requested comments from senators that she can relay to the other regents before the meeting and suggested that they email regents directly if they needed time to think. She suggested that the best time to send comments is before Thursday. The regents will discuss the House and Senate bill to allow open carry on campus. However, they have no intention of changing their policies at this point. Regents will also discuss a policy proposal that would make all academic calendar years in the UA system synchronized within the next year.

Consulting with senators
Strigle would like to speak with senators on ASUAF position on upcoming bills. He intends to speak individually with senators to gather opinions to present a full ASUAF feeling. Strigle may put out something more public and solid.

Feedback on Res Life resolution
Strauch received an email from the Chancellor letting her know that a committee to review Res Life had been formed with professionals from a variety of areas. The goal is for an investigation to begin this semester and end with a finalized report before the end of fall semester 2014.

Conversation on professionalism
Mancill opened discussion about professionalism within the senate and how it can be better incorporated.

“Personally, I like the relaxed atmosphere,” Lida Zakurdaew said. “That’s just me. I like to be able to sit barefoot and get stuff done. That works well for us, it seems.”

“I see what you’re interested in, and I see Lida’s point.” Reid said. “I do like the relaxed atmosphere, and we create a more open space. Creating a more formal and rigid process would be more intimidating to students.”

Mickey Zakurdaew and Poindexter suggested the incorporation of more tables and a formal table layout in the Alumni Lounge. Mancill would like to see name plates featuring each senate seat laid out each week.

Senators were in favor of trying other spaces but wanted to maintain the relaxed atmosphere that currently exists. Strauch did emphasize that legislation should be as formal and specific as possible.

“I think a lot of great points were made,” Mancill said. “We have a responsibility with power and students in our position need to perform in a professional manner. We can improve ourselves.”

“I have a privilege to attend senate meetings at other schools,” Enright said. “You guys stick to your rules and proceedings better than anyone else. On the other hand, you are the most informal of the groups in how you conduct your meetings.” Enright added that she does experience students being alienated by the formality of the Board of Regents meetings and cautioned against it.

Senators discussed how the incorporation of audio recording could encourage more formal language during meetings. Video recording was also discussed, but was considered unfeasible due to the layout of the room.

Reid suggested that a handout be made for guests that would explain the procedures of the meeting and alert them to when they can speak. “On nameplates, I like that, but reducing senators to their letter is kind of dehumanizing,” Reid said. He suggested pins in place of nameplates. Barry-Garland threw in the idea of ASUAF bow ties.

Enright suggested that a new committee be formed to discuss how changes can be made to incorporate more professionalism.

Committee reports
The Executive Committee met to discuss student travel funding. They approved funding and created a bill that would be read in second reading. They were unable to address appointments to the Parking Advisory Committee. The Internal Affairs and Public Relations committees did not meet.

The Student Affairs Committee discussed poll questions for the upcoming election. The committee is still accepting suggestions.

Career workshop
Chabotte read “SB182-010 Funding to bring a guest speaker to UAF for a career development workshop” to the senate. The bill will help support a one-day event to bring up a professional who can benefit UAF students with her expertise. The workshop will be open to all UAF students. Efforts have been made by event coordinators to fund raise elsewhere. The bill will have a fiscal impact of $1,500 from rollover funds. The bill was sent to the public relations committee.

New t-shirts
Reid sponsored “SB 182-011 Promotion ASUAF super cool tees” to provide ASUAF t-shirts for advertising the senate. Shirts will have ASUAF on the front and “Ask me about ASUAF” on the back. The purchase will take $250 from the promotional items fund. The bill was moved to the Public Relations Committee.

Travel Funding
“SB 182-012 Spring student travel funding” was sponsored by Barry-Garland, Carrick, Hahn and Strauch to distribute funds to UAF students.

Andrew Ivy received $1,000 toward attending Sakura-Con. Stacey Keeney was granted $3,415 for the National Restaurant Association Food Show. Ayla O’Scannell was granted $2,000 for her trip to New York to take part in a Model UN event. Kathryn Dewey received $2,245 for travel through the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Nathaniel Woods received $1,600 for travel with Phi Theta Alpha. Patrick Wade was granted $2,897 toward attending the National Collegiate Wind Competition. Shyla Keays received $325 for travel with the UAF Institute if Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Zachary Hozid received $212 for travel with the Alaska Anthropological Association. Nichole Mowery was granted $1,078 for travel with Sanderson Chihuahua Desert Iron Casting Symposium. Kirsten Olson received $650 for travel with the National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts. Sid Verma received $1,078 for travel with the American Association of Drilling Engineers National Fluids Conference. The bill passed unanimously.

Spotlight on staff and faculty
Strigle opened the floor for nominations for Staff and Faculty of the Year awards.

Strauch nominated Amy Wald from Admissions for staff, Cecile Lardon with the Psychology Department for faculty, and proxy nominated Alexander Hirsch on behalf of Carrick.

Poindexter nominated Jim McDermott, School of Management for faculty as well as Brandy Ragenberg from the Rasmuson Library and Joshua Campbell from the Wood Center for staff.

Reid nominated former new student orientation coordinator Damien Snook for staff; Marie Skanis, Psychology Department for faculty and Janet Schichnes, Psychology Department, for faculty.

Walker nominated Kathy Brooks for faculty as well as Alexis Bystedt and Josh Hovis for staff.

Mickey Zakurdaew nominated Heather Kraemer, former pub manager for staff.

After rounds of voting, Damien Snook, former New Student Orientation Director, was chosen for Staff of the Year and Kathy Brooks, UAF College of Rural & Community Development for Faculty of the Year.

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