Letter from the Editor: The Artist’s Curse

Danny Fisher / Editor-in-Chief

If a project is sufficiently challenging, as a person works through it, he or she learns.  As an artist paints, he might learn a more effective way to represent the space between objects.  A potter may  find a better way to affix a handle or spout to a vessel.  With this process of learning often comes a sense of dissatisfaction with the finished project — an inability to see success through the mistakes that were made during the learning process.  This is often referred to as the artist’s curse.

It happens outside of the studio, too.  As a person immerses oneself in a piece of creative writing, video game, performance or homework assignment, and dedicates oneself to the idea of achieving more, they suffer each time a challenge is overcome and another shows its face.

The Sun Star faces challenges every year, every month, and every week.  Each paper poses specific problems:  lack of resources, cancelled events, refusals from potential interview subjects and late submissions, just to name a few.  Every week, we learn something about how we can do better; and every week we make a new mistake.

The wonderful opportunity working at the Sun Star provides to the determined “artist,” is the necessity to produce a finished product every week during the school year.  It’s easy to see missed chances and obvious mistakes in personal work and throw that medium or project to the side in favor of something different, when it might be more beneficial to stick with it and improve further until you can appreciate your success.  The Sun Star does not allow for that sort of lack of commitment.

As the end of the semester draws near, (there’s only three issues left to produce this year, over the course of four weeks) I work against the artist’s curse.  We have three more chances to put together an awesome paper.  We have three more chances to provide UAF with excellent service.  We have three more weeks to beat the curse before we get a little rest, and come back refreshed and ready to do it all again.

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