Letter to the Editor: Rape Culture is Real

Rape on college campuses is not about a “rapist walking across campus, trying to choose his next victim”. Rape on college campuses is having one too many drinks at a party and allowing a friend to walk you home, only to wake up naked and in bed with them when you had no intention of being there, and were not capable of consent.

Rape culture is real. To ask a person what they was wearing when they were sexually assaulted is not common sense, it’s saying that their clothes gave a person the right to rape. Asking why they didn’t fight back isn’t common sense, it’s implying that if they didn’t want it, they should’ve fought harder. Rape culture is thinking that only women are sexually assaulted. Rape culture is ignoring the fact that most people have misconceptions about what consent is. Rape culture is the real reason people do not report sexual assault the majority of the time: because it is more damaging to go to court as the victim than it is for the offender.

Too many college administrators hold this opinion that rape is a scary man in the bushes, and women need to protect themselves with their mace and karate. Here at UAF, our administrators are focused on opening the conversation and listening to what students have to say, and what we need from our campus and our community. They are ready to change the culture. Are we?

– Kayleen Hansen

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