Letters from the Editor:

As university students, we know the feeling well; that slow dread that creeps in as you realize the number of things that are expected from you in the next twenty-four hours. If I’m to be totally honest, I’m feeling it right now. Once the newspaper is ready for publication I have at least three assignments looming, not counting my first midterm.

In my experience, this is one of the ways in which the college experience diverges from life in the obnoxiously-described but commonly dubbed “real world.” While the number of potential pitfalls and complications are greater, regular day-to-day life outside of school is much more serial than life inside it. Generally speaking, work only has one string of requirements to keep track of and other events are fairly easily planned around. Education, meanwhile, has you monitoring three to five threads at a time, not to speak of any job or social obligations added on top. Though many refer to “real life” as being much more difficult than school, I tend to disagree.

Perhaps the sting is dulled somewhat by choice. Outside of the admittedly stringent core requirements (I’m still grappling with my last two), in school one is more or less free to study the topics they find interesting rather than ones they find annoying. Things are not so clean or convenient outside of that small pond; anyone who claims that they love most of the tasks required of them in their job is either exceedingly lucky or a liar.

Careers may be more in-line with one’s university studies, but let’s be realistic – especially today, not everyone gets a career, so odds are good everyone graduating this year will have no small amount of annoyance facing them once they receive their degree.

I didn’t start this letter with a particular message in mind. More than anything, I was trying to stall doing my homework, which I guess I’ll have to look at here in a few minutes. But if you take anything away from this piece just remember that you won’t have quite so many assignments or exams once you move on, but you probably won’t enjoy them near as much.

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