My Life in College: The perils of a long-distance relationship

Moral Mildred/Sun Star Columnist
April 23, 2013

As college students, I am sure that most of us have dated, are currently dating or plan to in the future. Dating is tricky, especially as college students, because we are all experiencing a very transitional period of our lives. Some of us are here only for college, and plan to leave as soon as we graduate; some of us are graduating and are leaving; and some of us are going to be here for quite some time. All this coming and going leaves a lot of opportunities for us to meet new people and sometimes meeting new people leads to adult feelings. While ending up in a serious relationship in college can be a wonderful experience, the transitionary nature of the university can sometimes lead unsuspecting couples into the dreaded LDR.

I myself am currently in a Long Distance Relationship, and here are my top three least favorite aspects:

1. The inner, crazy version of myself. I wholeheartedly believe that we all have crazy versions of ourselves deep down inside. Normally, we don’t allow the crazy parts of ourselves out into public, but sometimes it is hard to keep the psychopath quiet. Especially while surviving a LDR, there are times when the crazy-me is loud and incessant. Who is going to be at that party he is going to? Will he be drinking? What does he mean, he is going to meet a friend?

Thankfully, I very, very rarely allow the little, psychotic version of myself to influence rational, regular me’s actions. LDR’s are hard and take a lot of trust, but constantly worrying about where my boyfriend is going or who he is with would drive me insane, and drive him away. The way I see it, if he is going to cheat on me, he is going to cheat on me whether I am physically there or not.

2. Being cock blocked is ten times worse when there is a time zone to worry about. This is seriously annoying, let me tell you. With the present technology, Skype and apps like Line make LDR’s much more manageable, especially if you both are sexually active. While thinking about having sexy-times over the phone or computer may sound super awkward and embarrassing, it doesn’t have to be. What is awkward and embarrassing is when you have to ask your roommates to not be around for a few hours because sex is now a highly planned event. LDR’s can literally drain all the spontaneity out of your sex life.  You can’t just go for it when the mood strikes you anymore, because there are time differences, computers that need to be plugged in and roommates to worry about.

3. Texting is so time consuming. Normally, texting doesn’t bother me, because I do it all the time, not just with my boyfriend. However, trying to have really important conversations or even arguing over text is both stressful and ultimately disappointing. Words are conveyed differently over text because a lot is lost between the black and white letters. Plus, having face-to-face conversations means that your attention can be solely focused on each other. Texting does not guarantee that, and neither does it guarantee a quick reply.

LDR’s can be tricky but they can also be fulfilling in other ways. If you find yourself facing the long distance option, especially as graduation approaches, try not to freak out too much. LDR’s are possible, I promise.

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