New Briefs- October 16, 2012

Brix Hahn/Sun Star Reporter
October 16, 2012

Multimedia more popular than sex

A new study shows that it is harder for adults to resist Facebook than sex. University of Chicago assistant professor Wilhelm Hoffmann conducted the survey. Hoffman included 205 participants in Germany, each were instructed to contact researchers every 30 minutes and report their desires, such as hunger, sexual urge and nicotine yearnings. The top reported cravings were eating and sleeping, followed by drinking, and finally the longing to access the Internet to check emails or Facebook. Having sex was the ninth over all wish on everyone’s list.


 Strokes for all folks

According to the American Academy of Neurology Journal, one in five stroke victims have reportedly been under the age of 55 in recent years. Their study included 1.3 million people who were 55 or younger. 19 percent of them had a stroke in 2005, which is up thirteen percent since 1993. The Stroke Association is now looking at several possible causes, but are considering the rise in diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol as main contributing factors.


Cause of panda cub death determined

A giant panda that was born in the Smithsonian’s Nation Zoo in Washington D.C. died in September. Recently, the zoo released the bear’s cause of death, a lack of oxygen because of its underdeveloped lungs. The cub was 4 ounces and six-days-old at its time of death.


Novel Prize literature winner announced

This year, Mo Yan of China has been announced as the 111th winner of the Nobel prize for literature. Yan uses dark humor and imagination to convey his views of modern China to the rest of the world. His most recent work is “Frogs,” a novel that discusses China’s family planning policies. Yan is the first Chinese author to wince a Nobel prize since 2000.

-New York Times

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