New semester, new look

Elika Roohi/Sun Star Editor-in-Chief
January 29, 2013

The leadership of The Sun Star changes every year and subsequently the paper tends to reflect the inevitable change of editors.  Sometimes these changes are drastic and sometimes they’re hardly noticeable.

Since the newspaper began, there has been a variety of different takes on The Sun Star, from the paper heralding itself as the last standing bastion of good university reporting in the UA system to 12-page issues of nothing but columns.  Since I’ve been at UAF, the paper has maintained a similar look and feel, with an emphasis on solid reporting and producing a standard paper.

When I took over as editor, I wanted to keep that up.  I’d like to think that we’ve been serious about our responsibility as a student newspaper this year.  But not so serious that we skip over the fun parts of being a student paper, so there have also been reviews, humor columns and a few bizarre stories about cursed stones and yarn bombed trees for you.

Despite constant staff turnover, the one thing that The Sun Star will always be is a newspaper, though our print contract has left us looking more like a tabloid magazine the last few years.

Mid-year we can’t do much about that, but we can switch things up for a much-needed update. In an effort to make The Sun Star look like a valid newspaper, we’ve updated the look of our cover.  There’s more white space, headlines that you can actually read and the same enticing Sun Star goodness as always.

We’re also going to start running student-submitted photos in every issue.  I know that there are a bunch of hipster artsy aspiring photographers on this campus, and yet the Sun Star only employs around five regular photographers.  If you think you took a sweet shot, email it to with your name, major and a short caption and we’ll run it in the paper.

Other than these two updates, The Sun Star we’re bringing you this semester will be reassuringly similar to the one you’ve been getting all year with the same weird entries in the police blotter and useful ASUAF updates.

Meanwhile, life goes on and UAF keeps making news.  There are officially plans in the works for a new power plant, along with a plethora of construction projects despite the fact that the university’s budget is getting smaller, according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  Since the Student Recreation Center moved broomball back inside for another $27 season, less than 20 people signed up to play which created a schedule of merely one expensive game of broomball per week.  And despite the administration’s assertions that the terrain park would be open by the end of the holiday break, it isn’t.

The Sun Star will bring you news about all of this and more this semester.  Let us know what you think of our new cover design, send us your hipster pictures, email us story submissions and let us know how you feel about what the paper does in general.  We’re your student newspaper, so we’re here for you.  What do you want to see on these pages?

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