News Briefs- October 9, 2012

Brix Hahn/Sun Star Reporter
October 9, 2012

Rocket Car

British engineers have successfully tested a rocket at a Royal Air Force base hangar that will power a car traveling at 1,000 mph. The pencil-shaped car is planned to race across South Africa next year in hopes of breaking the current world record land speed of 763 mph.

The hybrid rocket uses synthetic rubber, a solid material, as fuel. It turns the matter into an aerosol and then the fuel is pushed into the rocket via an engine that is also used in Formula One racecars.

The rocket produced 14,000 pounds of thrust, –approximately 40,000 horsepower. Additionally, a jet engine that will also be used in the car will boost the car’s horsepower to a total of 135,000.


007 Turns 50

Over the past 50 years five different actors have portrayed British Secret Agent James Bond, more commonly referred to as  007. Bond is perhaps one of the most popular British personalities of the last century next to The Doctor, and is famous for not only his love of women, fast cars and handguns, but also for his preferred drink order, “vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.” Over the years Bond had been viewed by some as sexist for having flings with characters named “Pussy Galore” and “Honey Ryder.”

“Dr No,” the first movie of the franchise, grossed $60 million and the most recent “Quantum of Solace” grossed almost $600 million. It has been estimated that the 22 film franchise, soon to be 23, has earned approximately $5.1 billion.

-Vancouver Sun

Engagement Photo Scandal

New Yorkers Brian Edwards and Tom Priviere learned this month that a photo of them kissing was being used in a political campaign in a different state. The couple along with their photographer Kristian Hill, are now sueing the Public Advocate for stealing the photo and violating the men’s privacy.

“They use you personally to instill this fear of us and this disgust of a gay couple,” Privitere said.

The couple and their lawyer believe that Public Advocate found the photo online, instead of paying for a stock photo. Public Advocate has not responded to the claim.


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