‘Nook on the Street, September 6 2016

Recently, potential cuts were announced which could lead to the elimination of athletics at UAF this would include hockey, rifle and possibly other teams. This week, we asked students: what do you think about this?



“Well, as far as I see it, this has been kind of an ongoing thing for the past couple of years. I’m actually surprised to hear that athletics is getting under the knife because a lot of liberal arts focuses or departments have already gotten cut or consolidated. I think that it’s a dumb strategy for UA to try and save money by doing this death by a thousand cuts because strategy when there is bloated management throughout the UA system, with ten vice presidents, and assistants to vice presidents and they are all paid-who knows- big figure salaries. So why get rid of small things that matter to a lot of people when you could get rid of huge overpaid positions that don’t matter to anyone- that’s what I feel.” – Phillip Glowa, Senior, Foreign Languages



“I think it is really bad that athletics of all things is being possibly cut. Not only is it something that in some ways defines a college and is vital to the money that comes into a college but is also a great bonding experience not just for people on the college but people outside of the college. Like when I was little me and my dad used to go to Nanook games every week. It was a way we bonded with each other and the lack of that opportunity is a tragic loss if it does go through.” -Ivan Kvapilo, Sophomore, English


“I think [campus athletics] keeps the student body involved with the UAF community. Whenever we are in the bleachers or just spectators, it brings us all together.” -John Oulton, Junior, Justice



“I’m not really sure, I don’t know a ton about it so I don’t have a lot to say but I just started working at the ice rink and its really cool watching all the hockey players practice and they really like it- I think it would be cool if they could keep doing what they love.” -Sarah Anderson, Freshman, Music



“For me personally, I don’t agree with the cuts at all because sports and recreation is an excellent way for UAF students and UAF related people to enjoy themselves. I think it would be a big loss. There are lots of fans out there that love all sorts of UAF sports and recreational activities so I think there would be a lot of people who would be upset, myself included. I really enjoy going to a basketball game or hockey game and I have even gone to a few rifle matches.” -Rodney Carpouk, Sophomore, Biological Science



“It seems like a lot of people up here like hockey so I think it would be cool if they kept it.” -Hannah Gram, UAF Community



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