Police Blotter: September 1 – October 15, 2014

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

by Heather Penn

Sun Star


A report from the UAF Police Department is published in The Sun Star regularly.

A report from the UAF Police Department is published in The Sun Star regularly.

Oct. 1
Lightforce spot moose lights were stolen from UAF trucks in the Reichardt building parking lot. The lights were removed from the vehicles on two separate nights. Police are still investigating the case.

Oct. 3
Police received a report of a stolen backpack from an unlocked locker in the men’s locker room at the student recreation center. The theft occurred a month prior on Sept. 7. The backpack contained a custom orthopedic knee brace, a pair of Switch prescription glasses, a Polar Heart monitor and other miscellaneous items. The victim hoped the items would turn up in the lost and found but after a month decided to file a report. There are no leads in the theft.


Oct. 1

A UAF student’s Subaru was vandalized at Harwood Hall. The vehicle had been keyed and a small dent was visible. The victim initially suspected a prior significant other but later thought it may have been a friend of the ex. The initial report claimed the vandalism had occurred on campus but was later determined to have occurred off campus. The victim was put in contact with the troopers since it was then put in their jurisdiction.

Protective Custody

Oct. 4

A UAF student was placed in protective custody after he was found lying on a trail in the woods between the Chapman building and the lower dorms. He was unconscious, intoxicated and had vomited. The victim was transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for possible alcohol poisoning and exposure.

Oct. 6

Police received a report of an individual threatening a UAF student. He was last seen between the Wood Center MACS bus hut and the Wood Center. The victim did not want to press charges but wanted the police to know about the incident. The police responded to the area and observed a highly intoxicated individual approaching various people at the Wood Center. As the individual approached, people rapidly walked away. The police detained the individual and performed a breath test which the individual failed. He was then transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation then on to the Fairbanks Correctional Center for a sleep off . He was also trespassed from all UAF.


Oct. 4

A disturbance at Salisbury Theater was found to be a parent of a performing student. The parent was asked to leave for not having a ticket. The theater was sold out and at capacity . The parent became irate and threatened a staff member. Police arrived and the parent was escorted to their vehicle. No charges were filed.

Oct. 6

A male and female were having a verbal argument outside the Fine Arts Building. Witness claim the male was bothering the female. Upon inquiry it was found the two were in a relationship. The man appeared to be the instigator as well as having no reason to be in a UAF building after lock up. He was trespassed from UAF while the female, a contract employee, remained and continued her work.


Oct. 3

A traffic stop for an expired registration led police to arrest the passenger Shayne J. FIELDS, 22 of Fairbanks, on an outstanding warrant. The warrant was for misconduct involving a controlled substance (marijuana) in the 6th degree. The driver was cited for the expired registration and no proof of insurance.

Minor Consuming

Oct. 4

A report of a resident having alcohol and marijuana at Skarland Hall led police to Christopher L. TURNER, 19 of Haines, Alaska. Officers confiscated the items and cited Turner for a Minor Consumption violation.

Lost Property

Oct. 8

A cell phone was lost between the Gruening building and the Wood Center roundabout. The missing phone was a gold Samsung Galaxy S5. There was no tracking software installed on the phone.

Harassing Communications

Sept. 30

Police received a complaint of unauthorized access to someone’s email account. The victim who used to belong to an online group that dealt with software development, believed that an alienated member of the group was the suspect. The suspect is believed to be physically located in England. The suspect made vague threats related to the victim. The information was forwarded to appropriate law enforcement agencies.


The police were informed that individuals were smoking marijuana on the Fairbanks Street Bridge. An officer responded and confiscated a small amount of marijuana and a pipe. The individuals were escorted back to West Valley and turned over to the school.

Intoxicated Individual

Oct. 15

A highly intoxicated man and woman were spotted walking northbound up University Avenue. The pair were flipping off and attempting to flag down cars by University Park. The pair were escorted to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a medical evaluation and then onto Fairbanks Correctional Center for a sleep off.

Oct. 15

The police received a report of a man acting strangely at the Nenana bus stop. Robert Lee Hughes of Fairbanks did not disclose to the officers that he was carrying a hunting knife. He was also found to be in possession of several marijuana pipes with resin of THC. He was subsequently arrested, trespassed from UAF and transported to Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Oct. 15

Dine 49 employees reported a drunk or high individual helping himself to food without paying. The individual was seen taking pizza slices and shoving them in his mouth. He refused to leave when asked. Police found the man intoxicated but able to care for himself. They escorted the individual to MAC bus terminal and trespassed him from UAF. Dining services declined pressing charges for theft.

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