Police Blotter: March 21 – 28, 2016

A weekly report from the UAF Police Department.

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Heather Penn / Sun Star

Suspicious Circumstances

3/21/2016 2:24 p.m. – Police found a woman half-naked near the ski trails by the Museum loading dock. Police were initially called about a suitcase, black bag and coat left on the ski trail. When they arrived they spotted the woman running around the dock. She was acting strange and behaving erratically. Officers detained the woman and took her to FMH where she was put on an involuntary mental hold.


3/23/2016 7:18 p.m. – A report of a missing cell phone was called in from the SRC. The student initially thought they put their phone down in between workouts and suspected it had been lifted. After viewing surveillance footage, officers found the phone was not with the victim during their workout. The student then thought the phone was left on a bench in the locker room shower area. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5. Officers are investigating

AST assistance request

3/24/2016 1:16 a.m. – The Alaska State Troopers requested assistance from UAF PD in dealing with a fight in progress at the 7 Gables Inn. UAF officers took one highly intoxicated suspect into protective custody. The suspect was taken to FCC to sober up.

Intoxicated Person

3/28/2016 2:22 a.m. – Officers observed a woman walking down Alumni Drive with only one boot on. Officers attempted to talk to the woman but she ran and officers were unable to locate her. She later turned up at FMH claiming she had been sexually assaulted on campus. Officers attempted to get a statement about the alleged assault but the woman denied an assault had occurred. Officers investigated her route of travel and determined no such assault had occurred. The woman was under the influence of alcohol and meth.


3/28/2016 7:46 a.m. / 10:24 p.m. – Three cars on campus were broken into. One in the lower dorms lot, one in the Taku lot and one in the Murie building lot. All three vehicles had broken windows. Two of vehicles that were broken into had carried weapons, which were stolen. One was a .308 Assault Rifle with accessories and an ammo case, and the other was a 40 cal. Springfield XD handgun. Also stolen was a backpack containing $200, an apple I-pod and three Fred Meyer gift cards for $50 each. The investigation is ongoing.

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