Psychology 485 reflects

Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star

Reflection on UAF Experience

The Senior Seminar class Psychology 485, under guidance of Professor Billings, was asked to respond to the following question during reflection presentations on their experiences here at UAF:

“If your children (or grandchildren) asked you what you learned during your time at UAF, you would tell them…”

The responses were qualitatively analyzed for themes by research assistant Aleksandra Milanovic. This resulted in two major categories – Practical and Philosophical. Here are a few of the most notable entries:



“After my years at UAF, all I ended up with was a few too many hangovers, a degree in psychology, your mother by my side, and this lousy t-shirt.”

–           Zachary Bohan

“The best parties at UAF are thrown by the sports teams.”

–           Anonymous

“Appreciate connections you make during your short time in college, they can change your life in a positive way!”

–           Angelica Gonzalez



“I found, not one, but many identities while at UAF.  I explored and changed my opinions through connections with wide, diverse, and wonderfully helpful range of people.”

  • Cordero Reid


“Grades don’t determine what you’re worth.”

  • Anonymous

“While at UAF, I learned to listen so that I could help people hear what they are saying.”

  • Debra Vance



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