Security changes for ASUAF elections

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 12, 2013

In reaction to the fraudulent votes to the ASUAF spring election last April, 2013, ASUAF Office Manager Anne Williamson and Dean of Students Office Coordinator Amber Cagwin wrote a report with recommendations for Vice Chancellor of University and Student Advancement Mike Sfraga to act on.

The recommendations from the report primarily regarded the investigation of a single suspect, his access to the information necessary to submit the fraudulent ballots and what actions should be taken to approach the suspect. Only the final recommendation addressed the security measures used for the election process and recommended the adoption of additional measures. Responsibility for following this recommendation would fall on ASUAF and Williamson.

The recommendation called for actions to be taken to incorporate new security options, whether they are offered by Votenet or the university. “In the short term we are working with who will assign random passwords, which will be emailed to students before the election,” Williamson said. “In the long term we are in conversations with OIT and UA statewide information security about perhaps using Blackboard or the UAOnline interface for future elections. We are absolutely open to, and invite student input on this issue.”

The responsibility for making changes to the security of the elections falls on Williamson and the vice president as part of his responsibilities. “Bottom line is that it takes time to implement a concise and efficient system that is not only secure, but also does not compromise voter participation,” Williamson said.”Since our election is soon, we have to embrace some temporary fixes.”

There are fourteen senate seats available for UAF students to campaign for with half elected in the fall and the other half in the spring. The temporary security measures will impact the seven fall seats and a few polling questions.


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