SpringFest: One final hurrah

Rebecca Coleman / Sun Star Reporter
May 3, 2011

SpringFest, the last UAF tradition for the academic year, took place April 28-30. The Student Activities Office runs SpringFest every year.


Dance fever takes over Spring Fest

During the SpringFest kick-off barbecue on Thursday, April 28, the “Fabulous Fifties” kicked off the annual dance contest on a makeshift stage at the lower entrance of the Wood Center. Seven dance groups participated. A variety of dance styles were represented, including Middle Eastern dance, break dance, Capoeira and others.  One group, the “Gold Diggers,” kept with their annual tradition and choreographed their dance an hour before hitting the stage.  Hundreds of students stood around the dance stage watching, while others stood on top of tables to get a better view.  Between dances, SpringFest workers threw T-shirts to the crowd.


Shot putting watermelons

At the end of the SpringFest kick-off barbecue on Thursday, April 28, the annual tossing of watermelons from the roof of Gruening commenced.  A target was set up in front of Gruening for people to aim their watermelons.  Chancellor Brian Rogers ceremoniously threw the first melon, which landed with a perfect bulls-eye.  Vice Chancellor Mike Sfraga followed with the next melon, which landed slightly off from the center of the target.  After that, five students and two administrators got to throw melons off of the roof.  No one came close to the target.  In all, more than 20 watermelons and cantaloupe met their demise. The food bank donated most of the melons to the university.

Nanook Pride wraps up the year

Nanook Pride, the incentive program encouraging students to attend athletic events, ended its inaugural year Friday, April 28 by awarding senior Jackie Henry with two airline vouchers to go anywhere Alaska Airlines flies.  Henry went to almost every volleyball, basketball and hockey game this season – about 45 games total.  Henry plans to use the tickets to take a friend to either Costa Rica or Hawaii.  “The Nanook Pride program was an excellent idea, and more people should get involved with it next year,” Henry said.  To accept her prize, Henry sported her Nanook Pride T-shirt, the reward for reaching five points with the program.



This article was edited on May 4, 2011. We originally listed the Student Activities Office incorrectly as the Student Activities Organization. We regret this error.

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