Students raise money for Wood Center employees’ stolen iPod

Kaz Alvarez/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 5, 2013

The IndieGoGo campaign had raised around half of it's goal on Nov. 4.

The IndieGoGo campaign had raised around half of it’s goal on Nov. 4.

Some UAF students came to the aid of student Kenji Machida after his iPad was stolen by an unknown individual, by starting an online fundraiser.

Machida’a iPod was stoline while he was working in the Wood Center on Oct. 9. He listens to his music as he cleans tables in the Wood Center cafeteria. He left the iPad on his cleaning cart while he took a bag of trash outside. When he returned, the iPad was gone.

Machida reported the theft to the UAF Police Department but the iPad has not yet been found and the investigation is ongoing.

In reaction to the theft, an Indiegogo campaign was started to raise money for a new iPad. According to the campaign’s summary, an anonymous coworker of Machida’s began “Replace K’s iPad” and chose to host it on the third-party fundraising site. Similar to Kickstarter, ind

ividuals can fund their projects online and share a link through social media to spread the word.

“We want to raise money to help the patron replace his iPad, not just with the same iPad but with the latest, greatest iPad!” according to the campaign’s summary.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $650 by the end of Tuesday, Nov. 5. The latest, greatest iPad is now the iPad Air. Machida is a DJ and takes pride in his extensive music library, so he will need an iPad with a large memory space. While the 32 gigabyte iPad would fit the budget of the campaign, the 64 GB model is what Machida is hoping to purchase.

When not on the job, Machida walks around the second floor of the Wood Center with his music. “I’m a DJ, so I guess it’s part of my personality and who I am,” Machida said.

Machida has created a large library of music from numerous genres ranging from country to rap. The music sometimes comes straight from a Pandora station while other times, Machida is listens to self-made playlists. He tries to share music that no one has heard yet. As part of his effort to pursue a career in DJing and music production.

Machida said that although some people express their dislike of him playing music in Wood Center on social media, he has friends who support him. “A few friends and people on UAF Confessions look out for me and what others say about me,” Machida said.

In the meantime, Machida is using an iPad on loan that he received a week after the theft. Rudy Osterbauer, a student studying Electrical Engineering, communicated his intention to loan the iPad through a coworker of Machida’s. The iPad is on loan until Machida can purchase a new iPad or the stolen one is found.

“I was walking through the Wood Center shortly after hearing about Kenji’s iPad being stolen. I saw him with his cart but, of course, he had no music playing. It made me sad,” Osterbauer said. “So I went back right after my Econ class and gave him my iPad. I figured he had more use for it than I did and I just wanted to do something nice.

The Indiegogo campaign will end on 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 5. If the campaign is unable to reach its goal, existing donations will be applied to an Apple gift card for Machida. “I am so happy that people care for me and feel bad that someone so cruel could take something that doesn’t belong to them,” Machida said.

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