This week in music – March 4, 2011

Alyssa Dunehew / Sun Star Columnist
March 4, 2011

From the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Free On iTunes (FOiT), I’ve got you covered. Here’s a bit of what’s been happening this week in music.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are due for a new album, and according to front-man Anthony Keidis, the album will be titled “Dr. Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head”. Yeah, sounds like an acid trip, right? Correct. The album name is inspired by a friend’s reminiscence of an acid trip. As fond as Keidis is of the name, it’s still subject to change. This will be the 10th album the band has produced since they formed in Los Angeles in 1983. Read more at Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Daft Punk is making another surprising appearance after their Tron gig. Look for them in a nightclub near you, as they team up with Coca-Cola to produce exclusively designed gold and silver “Club Coke” bottles, inspired by their helmets.  Production should begin next month, and collectors, get ready. They come in boxed sets, made exclusively in Paris. Their website will go live within the month, Read more at Club Coke.

Honestly, what’s more satisfying than free music? Every week, iTunes presents brand new music that virtually no one has ever heard of, and, it’s free. I take advantage of (legal!) free music any chance I get, and I advise you all to do the same. These upcoming artists are being featured for a reason: they’re good and worth listening to!

This week’s single is Blue Skies Again by Jessica Lea Mayfield, a folk-inspired artist from Ohio. She began her career at age eight, singing in her family’s bluegrass band. If you like Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, and A Fine Frenzy, you’ll like Mayfield. Her song has a groovy bass-line and a pretty guitar riff or two. The song itself is perfect for everyone here in Fairbanks, Alaska. Some lyrics for you: “Birch trees are bones, stripped of their leaves/ and pressed between the pages of my memory/ This heart of mine is ready for the spring/ open up my window/winter bird take wing.”

The free music video this week is quite interesting. Taylor Momsen of the TV series Gossip Girl has turned to music as a career, and in 2009, she formed her band, The Pretty Reckless. The music video for her song “Just Tonight” starts off with a close up shot of obvious fake blood streaming from her fingers, and her walking down a tiled prison hallway in a liquid red dress… Keep watching! She’s about to sing. And when she does, you’re blown away. If you like punk rock girls Avril Lavigne and P!nk, you’re going to like Momsen. The video is basically her being a blond haired bad-ass, and if you divert your eyes from the video and just listen to the song, it’s really great. If you look back at the video in time to see the random and mysterious woman standing behind her in a red ball gown, about a minute and 27 seconds in, you may just agree that this video is pretty creative and captivating. Enjoy.

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