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Zach Sherman / Sun Star

The UAF Faculty Senate passed three motions during their meeting on Feb. 8 allowing two new minors and an additional field of graduate study.  Students with an interest in art history, computer information technology, or marine science and limnology, will soon be provided new opportunities at UAF.

The approvals of computer information technology and in art History will take effect in the Fall 2016 semester. Both motions indicate that the new programs will utilize existing classes currently taught at UAF and will not result in any additional cost to the university.

The proposed requirements for a minor in Computer Information Technology include three mandatory courses in topics covering network support and administration, computer and information security and server operating systems.  Two additional electives from within the discipline are required to complete the minimum 15-credit minor complex.

“The new minor will enhance student skills for the workplace,” the motion reads.

Students desiring a minor in art history will be required to complete two specified 200-level courses in the history of world art, select two 300-level courses from among history of modern art, Italian renaissance art or Native art of Alaska and to complete a 400-level Seminar course in art history.  Currently, a minor in art history is only available for non-art majors.

“This minor is being created due to student interest,” the motion reads.

Both motions indicate that each program is expecting an increase in course enrollment for their respective departments.

“I think that adding more options is great, especially since they are not adding any cost,” Kristin Taylor, a senior in the Homeland Security Emergency management program, said. “IT is everywhere so that will be helpful.”

In addition to adding both minors, a motion was passed creating a new maters of the arts in marine science and limnology.

“…Currently no Masters of the Arts in any marine science field is offered at any institute in Alaska,” the motion to create a marine science masters reads.

The passed motion creates a Master of the Arts Program in marine science and limnology at the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. The program allows for students seeking an advanced-degree level of understanding of marine sciences to achieve that end without the original scientific research at the thesis level that is needed for a Master of Science degree. The rational given includes an industry demand for master of the arts level marine scientists within Alaska.

Expected time for full time graduate students to complete the program is two years, compared with the university average of four years taken to complete the masters of science programs.

No additional funding is requested for the program due to the course work consisting of classes already taught in UAF Master of Science programs in Marine Biology and in Oceanography.

The program requires a minimum of 30 credits to complete and full class lists are currently available.

The program slated to become effective in Fall of 2016 as long as all required approvals are granted.

The motions creating all three programs are awaiting approval by the Chancellor’s office.

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