Police Blotter: November 14 – 25, 2012

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Fernanda Chamorro/Sun Star Reporter
December 4, 2012

Sometimes sharing is not caring

Nov. 14- A 19–year-old male resident reported to police that his cell phone had been taken after he forgot it on the toilet paper dispenser in a Moore Hall restroom stall. An 18-year-old Fairbanks male resident took it and gave it to his 20-year-old UAF friend. They knew that it could be tracked since it was an iPhone, so they took out the SIM card and left it on a window ledge. Video footage revealed their identity. Police found the suspect. The friend said he kept it “because it is what any other person would do.” The phone was recovered along with the hidden SIM card. They are being charged with theft in the third degree, theft by receiving, and tampering with physical evidence, which is a felony.

YOLO, parking solo

Nov. 18- A campus officer saw a vehicle parked at the far Northeast corner of the Taku Lot and found three people smoking drugs. With their consent to search the vehicle, he found 7 air fresheners, one gram of marijuana, a spice package, a pipe and wrapping papers. They were two men and one woman, all 20-year-old non-students. The drugs were seized without charges, but they were all trespassed from UAF property.

Don’t hate

Nov. 20- The UAF janitorial manager told police about racist writing on the first floor men’s bathroom wall seen by custodians in the Irving building. The comments were written in black permanent ink and were anti-illegal immigration, notably anti-Mexican, anti-African American referring to President Obama, etc. There were comments about America being a white man’s nation. Facilities Services painted over it and there are currently no suspects.

Why can’t we be friends?

Nov. 24- A 46-year-old female non-student requested a police standby while she collected her belongings from her ex Hess Village home because the 77-year-old male resident threatened to throw her stuff into the snow. When an officer showed up, they were having a dispute over a musical instrument. The man said she owed him money and would not return the instrument until he got it back. Police determined it was a civil dispute that must be taken to court. After she left, the man stopped by the PD to make sure they advise her she is trespassed from all UAF campus. Police say this dispute has been going on for about two years.

Last one to the cop car is a rotten egg

Nov. 25- UAF police stopped a vehicle for having an inoperable headlight and discovered there was a warrant for the 23-year-old male Fairbanks passenger’s arrest. The passenger started out falsely claiming that he was his 26-year-old brother from North Pole. The campus officer contacted the probation officer who demanded he perform a preliminary breath test. The officer asked him to step out of the vehicle. The man allowed the officer to search him and the officer then directed him to the patrol vehicle to take the PBT. Instead, the man took off running. UAF PD contacted AST. The officers went off to search for him and the 22-year-old driver waited, but eventually left the scene with the vehicle. The passenger was apprehended and taken to the Fairbanks Correctional Center, where he was charged with making a false report, probation violation, and for evading. The driver came into the police station the next day to pick up his driver’s license and claimed that he was simply giving the passenger a ride after meeting him at a party. No charges were made against the driver.

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