UAF seeks new student ambassadors

Kellie Bernstein/Sun Star Reporter
March 26, 2013

The UAF Student Ambassador Program is currently recruiting for next year.

The volunteer program requires at least 20 hours of commitment per semester. Upon completion of the minimum volunteer time, each student will be eligible for a $200 scholarship at the end of each semester. The time spent as an ambassador includes participating in high school visits, chatting with prospective students online and leading campus tours.

The most time Student Ambassadors’ work will be spent leading campus tours during Inside Out.  The Office of Admissions and the registrar hosts the bi-annual event. Running during the fall and spring semesters, Inside Out is a time when high school students and their parents can learn about the campus. During Inside Out, students attend mock classes, go on campus tours and attend the Student Panel, which is comprised of Student Ambassadors who are there to answer questions of students and parents.

Lacey Brewster, a senior psychology student, is finishing up not only her last year at UAF, but also her first year as a Student Ambassador. Brewster has been involved in different clubs, including Psychology Club where she was Vice President as a sophomore and then President in her junior year. Brewster decided that being a Student Ambassador as a senior would be the “icing on the cake.”

Brewster said that the thing she enjoys the most is meeting more people and making connections, especially when leading campus tours. Because the UAF Student Ambassador Program is run by the Office of Admissions and the Registar, it was much easier for Brewster to talk with them. She wasn’t afraid to go in there because she got to know the people. The Office of Admissions and the Registrar helped Brewster with her law school applications and aided her with connections to law schools.

Students interested in being an ambassador are encouraged to stop by the Office of Admissions.  The deadline for the student ambassador application is Monday, April 5.

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